Level 2


The training programme is based on the concept and principles of competence. Competence encompasses the ability to perform work tasks and activities within an occupation or function to the standards expected in employment.

It was developed based on the Qualification Standard for a Domestic Housekeeper. The development of the Qualification Standard was in line with the requirements of the Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework(ZNQF). Qualification Standards describe what competent workers should be able to ‘DO’ in the workplace, and the expected standards of performance.
The learning philosophy of the programme takes a gender-sensitive, learner-centred approach, and includes practical orientation, simulation of industry practices and the involvement of industry in the development and implementation of the training programme.

In order to make the curriculum demand-driven and sustainable, a participatory approach was adopted by engaging key stakeholders in the curriculum development process

Roll out of this course in TVET colleges is due next year,now the draft curriculum is at verification stage. This means that we are looking for input before the final document is adopted and made a national qualification. We thus invite you to take a few minutes and go over the curriculum and send us you input .

While we wait for the process we challenge you to take the test below , which is from a module in this certificate , share your screen shot with us and tell us what you think.Ps Its a timed test, you are running against the clock on the top right corner, be warned.

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