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The training programme will contribute to the provision of support to green and growth-oriented male and female owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and stimulate the market for green products and services, through the expansion of access to relevant skills and the greening of existing enterprises. The ultimate goal is the creation of green and decent jobs for young men and women.

The training programme seeks to contribute to solving a series of interrelated development problems, such as high levels of youth unemployment, low female participation in vocational and technical trades, low levels of formal and growth oriented entrepreneurship and unsustainable production process of SMEs in Zimbabwe. The causes of these problems stem from, among other things, historical gender inequality where women, and especially young women, do not have access to equal technical skills and entrepreneurship development opportunities

Roll out of this course in TVET colleges is due next year ,now the draft curriculum is at verification stage. This means that we are looking for input before the final document is adopted and made a national qualification. We thus invite you to take a few minutes and go over the curriculum and send us you input .

While we wait for the process we challenge you to take the test below , which is from a module in this certificate , share your screen shot with us and tell us what you think.Ps Its a timed test, you are running against the clock on the top right corner, be warned.

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